sometimes system won't boot, need help to diagnose cause

Hi all! I’m having a weird problem that I don’t know how to diagnose
I have a good working system, however most of the components are ‘getting up there’ in age, about 4 years old.
In the last couple of days, I’ve noticed that when I push the power button on the pc, while the pc is off, sometimes a variety of things can happen:
• Fans and lights go on, but pc doesn’t boot!
• Once it got to the the dos boot screen and hung
• Usually it boots normally
So the problem is intermittent…I’m just nervous that something is ‘going’ and one day I won’t’ be able to boot at all!
I have run checks on the hard drives, and they all report their fine. I have run a few virus checks but found nothing.
Any advice for what to check? I know the above is pretty vague but that’s all I know!
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  1. I have a feeling that this is a PSU problem.

    Unplug the power cord and press and hold down the power button for twenty seconds or so, reconnect the power and restart.

    Does doing this get your computer started consistently?
  2. i will try to next time i have the problem... that the thing, the problem is intermittent.

    also, started a memtest before work but when i got home, the computer had rebooted or something...basically i didn't get to see results. i did run it again, but only for an hour and it got through pass one with no errors. will try again
  3. Ran a memtest overnight. In morning was still running with no errors. Should i rule out a ram problem?
  4. Have you tried removing and re-seating the RAM?

    You could also try running your machine with half the RAM removed altogether. If the problem re-occurs, swap the RAM for the RAM you removed.

    It is unlikely that all the RAM has failed so if the problem persists with each piece used separately, then RAM can be ruled out as the problem.
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