Help Please Cannot Find Problem

Hey guys sorry for my bad typing skills and computer problems.
So I have had my pc for 6years and I have been having a problem with it loading now today it will not even turn on well it will turn on just can't see anything my brother built it for my so I really do not no to much I just game. Also I just ordered ram/Harddrive but now im starting to think its the motherboard
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  1. Don't order replacement parts unless you know it's them.

    Being six years old the PSU might have finally failed, or crossed the line where it's not efficient enough to give enough juice to power everything on at POST (Power On Self Test).

    If you have access to other hardware try using another PSU (Power Supply Unit) to see if that helps.

    When HDD's fail it's usually gradually, you would've noticed it giving out (I hope).

    Even with defective, or highly overclocked, RAM a PC will still boot (and 'die' or 'fail' in other 'seamingly random' ways).
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