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I have a home-made gaming rig (i5-3570K OC@ 4.5GHz)and I am in the process of upgrading my GPU from a nVidia GTX560 to probably a GTX770. There has been some lag on a few games which I would like to fix by increasing my fps with the new card.

My question is this: I run two monitors. One is a nice 27" 2650x1440 which I game with, and the other is an old 4:3 which I keep Skype and other windows in. So I only ever run the game (Skyrim, SMITE, BF3, other Steam games etc) in the main 27" monitor. So - what kind of graphics card to do I need? For the games I play is a single 770 with 2GB enough? Or should I get a 770 with 4GB? Since the game is only running in one monitor, does the second monitor cause much of a performance-hog on the GPU, or is the GPU smart enough to realize all the action is in just one screen and puts all its processing power into that one? Or does simply having two monitors mean I should get a 4GB card or maybe SLI (in which case I would probably go with 2x GTX760).

Thoughts please!!


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  1. Get the 4GB version, not because you have two monitors, but because games start to use more and more memory. The second monitor does not affect game performance.
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