games slow down suddenly

Hello! I’m really desperate at the moment…
my games are very slow
games are lagging
fifa 14 game run fist 5 min weell but after that suddenly it started to lag.
my cpu configuration is
core 2due

ram 4 GB
GPU sapphire HD 7730

PLZZZ..... Help
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    check for dust clogging your cpu and video card. try using msi afterburner make sure the gpu fan in working. if the fan does not spin up the gpu has to slow down to save itself from melting.
    run ccleaner and in windows startup /msiconfig turn stuff off you dont need to free up ram. also run a good defrag and malware and anti virus sweep (hitman pro and malware bytes).
  2. cpu fan works fine. i ran ccleaner.
    and i run my games in low. still.....
    is the problem because of PSU.
    my PSU was with casing .
    it's 450 wat
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