Vista will not load after power interruption. Goes to startup repair when trying to access safe mode. This is my Acer desk top

Vista Not Loading. Will go as far MS corp screen with moving green bar, then black screen. Everything was working properly until power failure caused improper shutdown. When power returned, I plugged computer back in...there was option for normal, or restart repair. Restart repair advised cannot start automatically. Have no Vista disk. Typed in command for safe mode, was successful command, but when restarted went back to startup repair. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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    A system critical file was corrupted during the power interruption.
    You may be successful in attempting to repair the OS, but you may end up having to re-install the OS to fix the problem.
    In either case, you will need a functioning Vista disk.

    Often the manufacturer will have a recovery partition on the disk. Go into the BIOS and select this partition to boot up to. This will give you the option of re-installing the factory image. But you will loose any files on your system unless you can back them up while in safe mode.
  2. Thank you so very much, for such a prompt response. I'm a newborn here so I'm not familiar with this site, and in midde school when it comes to computers (smile). Is there anyway I can retrieve what's on my hard drive? This is a reply to 2x4b.
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