hey guys what do you think I need to upgrade first

hey guys what do you think I need to upgrade first? I only play games like NBA 2k14 battlefield 4 and call of duty after saving some money I can upgrade it step by step

here are my computer specs :
OS : WIndows 8.1 pro
processor : i5 3570k (not overclocked)
cooling : CM hyper 212 evo
mb : G1 sniper m3
Ram : 2x4gb Gskill ripjaws x
storage : 1tb seagate barracuda 7200rpm
gpu ; asus gtx 660 ti direct CU II OC
psu : Hec rapter II 600w
case : CM K280
Optical Drive : Lite-On iHAS124-04 DVD/CD Writer

thanks guys :)
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  1. depends on how fast the newer nvidia 800 line of cards are. with your rig i would not tuch it right now. I put the money in the bank and build new rig in a few years.
  2. The only thing worth upgrading is your graphics card. Everything else is...good.

    Even then - do you get decent framerates? You probably don't even need and upgrade at the moment.

    I agree with smorizio. Your system is pretty much good all around.
  3. some people recommend that upgrading my psu is what I need to do first they say it's a mediocre psu are they true?
  4. Its not a top of the line PSU but it should do what you're asking it to do. With that cooler and that processor I would OC the processor a bit, no reason to get carried away, but if you weren't going to OC it why buy an aftermarket fan or a K model processor at all? bump it to 4.4ghz or so and just leave it there since you have all the pieces to do so.

    I agree don't touch any parts right now. Only thing you can really buy to help would be a new graphics card but with a 670 Ti I wouldn't do so.
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    Well first off since I own the same processor that you do I'd tell you to get a closed loop watercooler and overclock that CPU to 4.4GHz. Also upgrading to 8GB of RAM is going to help you out in BF4.

    Aside from that if you refer to "Graphics Card Performance Hierarchy Chart" Your wise upgrade would be to something at least R9-280X level of performance it is three tiers higher than what you already have.,3107-7.html Other Options would be to SLI with another 660ti or to go up another tier higher and purchase a GTX 780 or the R9-290.
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