Monitor going black, computer freezing while playing game

Hi guys, my computer freezes, the monitor goes black when I play a game for about 15 minutes. Even if I press caps lock it doesnt light up on my keyboard. I recently switched to corsair vs450 from a generic 600w psu and im having this problem. Then I switched to seasonic s12II 520w but still I have this problem. The thing is that Im not having this problem on my generic psu. One thing thats different from the 2 branded psu to the generic is that the 12v pin on the generic is only 4 while the other 2 is 8 so I split it into half then plugged it.

I have a GA-h61m-ds2 mobo
Radeon HD 7730 gfx
8 gb 1600 ram
2 hdds
2 fans
1600x900 monitor (I tried DVI or VGA)

Temps are good, I think I dont have a problem with that. I have 40-50 deg while gaming on CPU, and 50-60 on GFX.

I also tried plugging it in directly on socket or using AVR.

Do you guys think that I bought 2 defective PSUs which I think are of good brands? Or did I do something wrong?

Please help! Thank you very much!
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  1. And also when I stay long on ubuntu I got minor screen blinks. My voltage ratings on bios are also fine.
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