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Hey, i've cloned my Windows 7 64-bit from a 500GB HDD (7200 rpm) to 1TB drive (5400 rpm) using Acronis True Image Home 2014, everything worked out fine however my Windows boots extremely slow now, takes about 8 minutes compared to 2 minutes before cloning, software takes too long to launch around 4+ seconds. I'm trying disk defragmentation as i write this post but i'm not optimistic about it, any idea if there's a way to fix this or should i go through the painful route and reinstall the OS?
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  1. you downgrade from a 7200rpm drive to a 5400 rpm drive.
  2. Well there's a few reasons. First your going from 7200RPM HDD, to a 5400RPM HDD. The 5400RPM's are much, much slower than 7200RPM HDDS.

    Secondly - I dislike cloning (although it should work fine).

    IMO I think your drive is just slow. I don't know of any defrag will help at all. Wait to hear some other answers.
  3. I'm aware that the rpm difference would cause a slow down but 6+ minutes difference just to boot is not normal.
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    I agree. the new 5400 drives are actually pretty quick. My guess would be you are not correctly aligned. The new drive would be an advanced format drive and I'm thinking the old one was not.
    You don't say which drive you have but most manufacturers have an alignment tool.
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