USB-Sata adapter-use with RAID5 drives?

My PC will not power up-likely a power supply issue but just in case it is not...
I have (4) Sata HDDs configured in RAID5 (one is spare). Found out my backup had not been working :(
How can I transfer data from these drives? I have a USB-SATA adapter but was not sure it would work in this case of RAID5. I have used such adapter on RAID1 drive successfully, but not sure what will work in this case.Thanks!
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  1. yea in this case those won't work. Not with the way RAID 5 works. What kind of configuration was this? Were they using the Onboard Raid Controller of the motherboard, an Add-in, Or some kind of external NAS like box?
  2. On-board Raid controller--Intel based.
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    if it is intel based you might be able to plug them into another board with an intel base Raid (Perferably the same one) and then you might get lucky with importing the Raid Configuration because the raid config isn't just stored in the raid controller but also the hard drives themself as well. I have a Dell SAS 5 Raid Controller (Only does Raid 1 and 0 and its only SATA II) but I also use one at work and a few clients who have these as well. I had to replace one for a client and when i went into the controller settings it saw the hard drive and asked if i wanted to import. I have the same happen to me on the Dell PERC 4 SCSI controllers as well. Intel should do the same.
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