My TV won't play HD videos (1080p).

I have a Philips 32PFL5404H (32").It is written on the manual that the tv has a full hd capability and can play files with a resolution of 1920x1080.However, the maximum resolution I can play a video on it is (720p).On 1080, only the sound of the video appears on a black screen.I did a software update for the TV,but the problem still occurs.Any idea what the problem might be?Thank you.

Edit: I just checked the model in the official website.It seems that the maximum supported resolution for this TV is 1366x768.Probably this causes only the sound of the video to appear.But shouldn't it still play 1080p videos, just downgrading them to 720p and not black screen/only sound like mine?Seems odd.
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  1. televisions can be finnicky about what resolutions they support.

    for example... i have my 1080p tv hooked up to a pc running at 1080 and it works fine but if i changed the resolution in settings to something different i could get no video feed showing at all but still sound showing up.

    on a monitor you might get get black bars or a stretched image but on a tv you might not get any video at all.

    so to answer your question... its not unusual at all.
  2. The manufacturer would have to spend additional money to include a downconverter in the TV. I would try to contact Philips if the specs say it will play 1080p (1080i is different).
  3. Well, normally it isn't supposed to go like that, the way you described - only sound with black screen behind it. But 1080p resolution means 1920 x 1080. The max. resolution you mentioned for your TV is 1366x768. Perhaps, the resolution is not cutting it. I would suggest taking it up with the manufacturer.
  4. I forgot to mention, the 1080p videos play with video and sound when I play them from a usb drive,connected to the set top box, that is attached to the tv.The 1080p videos that I play from a usb drive, connected directly to the usb port of the TV, play only with sound.
  5. Sounds like the set top box is down converting the file while the TV can't. Either that or the problem is the TV is not happy with the file type.
  6. Well, the format I am trying to play is MP4.I also tried other videos.On 720p they work fine, but on 1080p - only sound.I also tried .AVI (1080p).Again only sound.Any ideas?
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