My hard drive failed... question about reinstalling Windows 8 on a new SSD

Hi guys, so my Samsung laptop's hard drive recently failed. I have the option of sending it in for replacement. I was also considering installing an SSD instead. My question is, can I reinstall Windows 8 on the SSD using a key that I already owned for the Windows 8 that was on my old hard drive? I don't see a key anywhere on the machine and of course I can't access it on my old hard drive. Would I have to buy a new copy of windows 8? Thanks for the help guys!
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  1. What model is your laptop? Did you look under the battery?
  2. From what i know with w8 the key get's stored in the bios which means as long as you don't change the motherboard you can install windows again on a harddrive whether it's a hdd or a ssd.
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