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I have had a standard Dell keyboard for the last 5 years and I have finally came to the conclusion I need a new one. I have looked into keyboards and I don't mind buying a gaming keyboard if it will benefit me.
Is their a difference between Gaming Keyboards vs standard ones?
If so what are the best key types for Gaming and also typing for a long time?
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  1. There isn't too much difference between gaming and standard keyboards.

    Normally gaming keyboards have these:

    Led lights/changing colors

    Possibly and extra screen on the keyboard

    If I were you - I would get whatever keyboard feels most comfortable - maybe go check out a store to see if they have some keyboards on display/take a look at what they have. Maybe even look at one of those mechanical keyboards - although some people don't like them because of how "hard" you have to press the keys, but some people like that feeling.

    Personally - I like keyboards that light up - sometimes I like to use the computer in the dark/at night and the lights are nice.
  2. The biggest difference between a "true" gaming keyboard and a regular one is a "true" gaming keyboard will have extra keys (usually above the F keys) that you can map to do other functions in mmorpgs or other games. If you don't ever feel like "hmm I wish I didn't have to move my hand to hit the x key" you might want a gaming keyboard. If not just pick something you're comfortable with and is in your price range.
  3. Don't ever waste your money on a "gaming" keyboard - you're paying $20-$40 extra for useless features such as lights (you shouldn't have to look at the keyboard, especially when gaming), macro keys (You can make better ones using your numpad and autohotkey), or gimmicky displays.

    The technology underneath the keys of gaming keyboards are exactly the same as normal keyboards - they're rubber dome switches, which are cheap and cruddy.

    If you're looking for a very good keyboard that feels like typing on a cloud of boobs and will last you forever, what you want is a mechanical keyboard; I'm not going to go into details on the types, as that's very easy to google, but if you do want a good keyboard, that's the way to go.
  4. dont waste you money just for the look and feel.im a hardcore online COD player,but i using still regular DELL keyboard.finds a keyboard that most comfortable with you..
  5. Pash- said:
    I have had a standard Dell keyboard for the last 5 years and I have finally came to the conclusion I need a new one. I have looked into keyboards and I don't mind buying a gaming keyboard if it will benefit me.
    Is their a difference between Gaming Keyboards vs standard ones?
    If so what are the best key types for Gaming and also typing for a long time?

    The comparison should be more of a "Mechanical Vs Tactile Vs Membrane Keyboard". Choose the one that will better serve your purpose. Check this:

    Since you're looking for right longevity and performance, I think a Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Brown keys should be your choice, as it offers the best of both worlds - Gaming/General Typing.

    If money is not your problem, then consider this quality Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Brown Keys:

    PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant

    Keyboard: Logitech G710 Wired Gaming Keyboard ($81.99 @ Best Buy)
    Total: $81.99
    Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available
    Generated by PCPartPicker 2015-06-29 01:10 EDT-0400

  6. Agreed. I'm not a pro gamer, I just game for fun and all I'm using is a cheap microsoft keyboard. I'm not overly fond of the membrane boards, I use a keyboard a lot and the keys tend to get 'loose' feeling and wears out a bit faster. Typically last a couple years before I grab a new one, but they're only around $20-25 too. Not a major investment.

    Mmorpg's can benefit from various arrays of programmable multifunction keys (check w.o.w. type keyboards with what appears to be a numpad on the left), or user assignable keys like the ones on the logiteck g710 shown above. Some will have replaceable 'wasd' keys with colored rubbery key caps for directional keys beyond a standard office keyboard.

    A mechanical keyboard is another option and more down to user preference. Years ago keyboards were mechanical. I loved the old heavy ibm keyboards. They new and improved keyboards with rubber membranes and lowered the quality turning retro mechanical keyboards into high dollar premium devices. For the cost I'd try to test drive a mechanical keyboard first and try to determine which color (sound/feel) cherry mx switches you like. Also do some reading, not all mechanical keyboards use the same quality switches. They still command higher prices due to being mechanical but use lower quality off brand switches which don't last as long as quality ones like the cherry mx. Hard to tell what's the best since each person's taste in feel is subjective. One person may love a keyboard to the moon and back and you may very well hate it or vice versa.

    Anymore 'gaming' has become largely a marketing gimmick. So many people are gaming and looking for parts if it says 'gaming' it must be great for gaming. Whether styling or color combinations, aside from maybe gaming mice which have custom weighting options - very few 'gaming' parts are any different from plain old parts. There are gaming cases, gaming motherboards - next they'll have gaming case fans and gaming psu's. None of which make the game go faster.
  7. There's one more thing which makes "gaming" or some multimedia keyboards good over a regular keyboard: anti-ghosting keys or whatever it was called.
    Basically, it let's the keyboard register more than 3 key presses at the same time.

    On many normal keyboards, even to this day, if you press 4 keys at the same time, it only registers 3 of them.
    If the only things you need to use are WASD and space, it doesn't matter. But in some games it can be useful.

    Also, gaming keyboard usually have faster polling rate. Which basically helps when you need to press keys in quick success.
  8. Good point Sapphire thunder made. It might not be the ultimate test but it's kind of interesting anyway.


    Obviously some keyboards including my ms wired 600 has issues completing the test (yes I did the test in notepad and got the same exact results as the ms 600 user on the page I linked). What's even more interesting is that a sub $20 'office' keyboard did better than the logitech g15 v2 which calls itself a 'gaming' keyboard. Some better quality gaming keyboards will have higher key rollover or possibly n key rollover (infinite). They'll pretty much slap 'gaming' on anything though.

    Once again 'improved' tech has borked performance. All this struggle to get modern keyboards to attain higher rollover rates when old ps/2 keyboards were natively n-key rollover. Just like the new 'flicker free' gaming lcd monitors adding flicker back to reduce ghosting same as the old crt monitors provided by default. Gotta love progress lol.
  9. Has anyone realised this thread is 2 years old?

    A gaming keyboard tends to have a couple more features such as anti ghosting and Nkey rollover. When it comes to Mechanical keyboards that's when it becomes worth it to buy a new one. Cherry MX RED switches are the best for FPS gaming while Browns tend to be better for games such as DOTA or LoL where you type a bit more. Gaming keyboards also tend to have wrist rests to allow for a more ergonomic and endurable comfort for example the Corsair K70.

    I know this thread is old but I hope I helped.
  10. -HH- said:
    Has anyone realised this thread is 2 years old?

    LOL. All this time, having been answering to 2 year old thread.
    Talk about Necro.
  11. Haha! Still we solve dead problems B)
  12. lmao. Didn't even realize, it's late and the several posts before mine appeared current. Hazards of late night/early morning replies. Where do people find these dead threads? They appear in the more recent ones once revived unfortunately.
  13. probably google something that is what they are looking for and think they know the answer and not realise themself?:) Good morning btw lol.
  14. There is a huge difference between stadard and gaming accessories. Standard keyboards' buttons break and feel weak after some months of using them. Gaming keyboards' buttons are made for extreme gaming so that they can withstand a lot of force. Another cool thing about gaming keyboards is that most of them support led rgb lighting where you can customize every button's color and have fun with the keyboard. Note that customizing every button's color is helping the player because they can highlight the buttons they need to press while they are on a gaming session. Finally, they are made of better quality material which will last way longer that plastic and they use uniqe key switches. Mechanical switches are way better for gamers and they vary from Cherry MX Red, Brown, Blue and a lot more! Even other brand such as Razer and Logitech are getting into that and have already made their own mechanical key switches. The best one is the Razer Green Mechanical Switch which needs 50Gramms of finger force to be activated and can withstand 80 million key strokes.
  15. 3 years and counting!
  16. In the interest of others who may have this question and come across this thread looking for answers I think people should consider the type of keyboard that would best suit them.

    There often is NOT a huge difference between standard and gaming accessories, it's often times a marketing gimmick. Such as a 'gaming' pc case or all the membrane switch 'gaming' keyboards available.

    To say standard keyboard buttons break after just months is flat out wrong. I've been using a cheap MS keyboard for over 4yrs now every day for standard typing tasks as well as gaming. Not a single key has 'broke'. How much force is used doesn't indicate whether you're a gamer or not, that's a personal habit/issue. Pressing a key harder doesn't make it work better.

    Colors and lighting effects to have 'fun' with the keyboard has zip to do with gaming. That's more of the gimmicky features. Whether your keys glow or not doesn't help you shoot foes in a game any faster. Some lighting effects can help with low light situations, yes. Or you can just turn the light on in the room, I find that tends to work pretty well also.

    Which color of cherry MX switch is 'best' is subjective to the user, varying MX colors have different properties from tactile feedback to force required to activate to the audible feedback or "click". Mechanical keyboards do have more durable switches (typically) than inexpensive dome style membrane keys but not all are 'gaming' boards. Consider daskeyboard, ducky shine or wasd which are all high quality mechanical keyboards that aren't exclusively gaming boards.

    Cm's storm octane, tt esports challenger, cm's devastator II, razer's deathstalker, corsair's gaming k30, the list goes on. All 'gaming' keyboards that use membrane key switches.
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