will my pc be enough for next gen gaming at 1080p?

now that new consoles are out and certainly they are not very powerfull in terms of cpu and gpu i want to know if my pc will handle well the next gen, with frames over 30 and 1080p at hight settings.

this is my rig

Asus radeon hd 7870 direct cu II 2gb
Intel Core I5 4430 3 Ghz
Mobo Asus Z87-A
Corsair Vengeance 8 GB (2x4gb) 1600
HD WD Caviar Blue.

if this isnt enough will another 7870 do the trick, can i use a cheaper 7870 model from another manufacturer or i should use the same from Asus, by the way i have a thermaltake TR-2 psu 600w will that be enough to feed my pc in crossfire? or i should upgrade it with the gpu.
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  1. I use a weaker CPU than you for 1440P. And I have a 7870 Ghz, You should be good :) It's hard to say how long a CPU or GPU is going to last these days. I say you've got another 3 years :)
  2. kristianAA said:
    It is easier and better to go with same model because then you dont have hassle with different clock speeds/compapilty issues so on

    and about the psu, will my thermaltake tr2 600 be fine with 2 7870 in crossfire?

    it is worth adding another 7870 or should i upgrade to a newer card?
  3. Do what's more affordable. IMO, you'd be best off buying a r9 980X because single GPU performance is more important and you won't be cutting it close on your PSU.
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