i7 4770 non k so high temp

hello everyone i got a i7 4770 non k and a corsair h60 i applied thermal paste i got 99 celcius on idle and i change to intel stock fan but i get 70 on idle even trying to undervolt it i get the same result i also disabled the turbo boost please help me i dont know what to do. thanks
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    with the H60 was the pump running? fans spinning on the radiator? There is no reason for that processor to run hot, even on the stock fan. Are you sure you got the stock fan seated properly? Is there still thermal paste on the HS? Is there dried thermal past on the processor lid? My guess is 1) there was dried paste on the lid so now the stock fan can't cool good enough and 2) the Watercooler was either not pumping water, or the radiator fans weren't connected.
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