Realtek RTL8188CU network adapter Driver

Hello all, Title Says it all, i have searched for a suitable place to get this driver for a few days now with no luck. I have tried the manufacturers website as well as Google search. If I do find it I get a dead link or a DL that stops halfway through. Hope you guys might be able to give me a hand here. thanks in advance.
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  1. scout_03 said:

    Thanks for your quick response. In the link you posted i do not see the correct model. I had already been to that page but was not sure if i could use one of the other sub-models such as the RTL8188CUS being that mine is a RTL8188CU. Its a USB dongle guess I should have mentioned that in the original post.
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  3. Thanks a ton. It worked like a dream!!!
  4. Hi Narrator, the link is no longer working and I need the exact driver for windows 7 64 bit, could you send me a link? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi all, becouse the page: not working, please send me the drivers, or other link. On another site I can't find these drivers ;/ Please, help
  6. Thanks for response. Unfortunaltely, on that site the program is fee ;/
  7. Elfiren said:
    Thanks for response. Unfortunaltely, on that site the program is fee ;/

    Did you ever find a driver? If not I can upload mine (if you trust me enough..)
  8. @ Narrator you could e-mail it to him directly if he accept mail from forum then if he want and ask him to report how it work on here after he have it on is system .
  9. the 8188CUS driver will work. I examined the inf file, and the vid/pid ( 0BDA 8176 ) for this model is included. Note: I'm using a netis usb 2.0 N150 that id's with that chipset. Windows 8.1 has a built in driver from 2012 which works, but Realtek offers a driver from 2014. You'll notice after instal, the date shows 2013, but the driver version updates to the realtek 2014 version.
    I checked a couple other drivers on the site, and they all offer 2012 drivers, so maybe this is the most current.

    There are lots of other drivers for win7, xp, linux , android, etc there as well.

    I'd suggest going into device manager and editing the device's advanced settings - limiting the bandwidth to 20mhz, instead of 20-40mhz. I always have trouble with that.

    As an aside, i downloaded an amd 300mb driver using the microsoft driver, and downloaded it again immediately after the wifi driver update. Speed was 450KB/s first time, and >1.0MB/s with the realtek driver. About 10 mins apart, at 5am - so could be other factors, who knows.
  10. I was having this exact same problem and I used one of the links listed from scout_03 and found the RTL8188CUS driver which worked perfect on my RTL8188CU. I am using Windows 7 64bit and I used the Utility and Driver Auto Installation Program (Support XP/Vista/Win7/Win8)(Install Shield v1.00.0199). I downloaded it to a flash drive, moved it to the problem computer, ran the setup.exe program, and then plugged in the network adapter. It found the correct driver right away. Hope this helps someone.
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