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hello, i am pretty low knowledge to the PC world, i know the basics and have been looking my pc over and noticed my motherboard and graphics cards both stress the idea of over clocking, i downloaded MSI after burner and it says "core clock (MHz) 900" and "memory clock (MHz) 1050" what exactly does this mean? is it good or bad and is it worth overclocking my gear?
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    Well for starters... If you are low on tech skills, I would strongly suggest some major research.. But since you've made it this far I could somewhat fill you in..

    Alright.. Well from most of the GPUS I have seen.. That core clock isnt bad at all.. but ive seen way better memory clocks..

    Overclocking only helps out you're system 20% in the end if you have you're system pressed to the limits in pretty much all aspects..

    For example in my system..

    Im overclocking my 7970 to 1150mhz and a 1550 mhz ram clock and my cpu (disabled to a quad core for gaming) at 5.0ghz, and I only get about a 15fps - 23 fps increase in all those 'quad core' games..

    So unless you feel like you really need it dont do it.. If your games run to your liking and are playable.. Just enjoy it, dont stress out over overclocking if you dont NEED it..

    In the end, overclocking is a good option for people who know what there seriously doing..
    Im not discouraging you to try something, but if you just have a concern about whether you should do it or not.. bottom line, is if your games run fine and are playable.. and you arent doing anything seriously heavy on your computer in which you could take advantage over with OC.. Its not really worth it
  2. thanks very much, i have noticed a low FPS in some games but through alot of research i have come to see an i3 is pretty awful for games like crysis, i am going to upgrade it for sure now just wasn't sure if over clocking being available for free was a good way to boost performance without getting the processor or not.
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