Nvidia GTX 770 vs GTX 780

Nvidia GTX 770 is 325$ and the GTX 780 is 500$. IT is really worth to go for the GTX780 ( not ti verion witch is 700$ or so )?
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  1. What are the rest of your systems specs?
  2. If you're playing at 1920x1080 you don't necessarily need the power of the 780. The 770 is enough to play most, if not all, games at max settings with good FPS.
  3. as you approach the high end cards, the performance/$ generally drops, so effectively less value. Depends what you mean by 'worth it'. If you have $500, then the 780 will perform better and will more likely max out all games at 1080, 60fps for longer. Whereas the 770 may not do with some current games or future ones. Have a look at reviews for the 770, to see if it maxes out all the games you want to play (assuming you want them maxed out).
  4. I am buying a new pc right now and this is the last thing I have to decide. I think i will go with the 780 now because i have the money and I don't plan to upgrade my pc for some years from now on.
  5. Ik you've probably already bought the card, but the gtx 780 is a BIG WASTE of money, if you're playing on a 1080p monitor, all you need is a 770. If u play at 4k(which is un-necessary), then u need 780. Get a 770 and SLI it when it starts to get old. If you already have a 780, keep it for as long as you can before upgrading. Dont SLI it. There is a max diff of 8fps in crysis 3 on 770 SLI vs 780 SLI.
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    The GTX 780
    - 500 dollars
    - 2304 CUDA
    - Base Clock: 863 Mhz
    -6 Ghz memory speed
    -3 and 4gb configurations

    Gtx 770

    -330 dollars
    -less cuda
    -faster clock speeds
    -2,3,4gb configs

    THE GTX 770 WILL RUN ULTRA @ 1080p for any game at 60FPS.
    THE GTX 780 WILL RUN ULTRA @ 1440p for any game at 60ishFPS

    Choose the 770 if you play at 1080p
    Choose the 780 if you play at 1440p+
  7. Considering your 1920x1080 monitor is probably 60Hz refresh, fps, you not notice any difference in majority of games. Only a select few ultra high intense games like BF4, or Bioshock, will the 780 have an edge. The higher fps output of the 780 will hold the @60 fps range better on max ultra settings.
  8. Hello,

    I am also confused. I want to play my games at ultra settings (watch dogs, BF4, MEtro, etc. 2014 titles) @ 1080p since i would be buying this monitor.

    Asus VG248QE 144Hz 3D Monitor

    It's a 144hz. So which GPU will get the most out of my setup and monitor?
  9. The simple answer to this is really how much you can spend on that GPU. If you want to spend extra to get about 20+Frames, go for the 780 if not there is the 770. IMO, invest in the 780.
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