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I'm looking a motherboard to upgrade my PC with a 4th generation CPU. And I would like a opinion about the GA-H87-D3H Gigabyte.

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    Its an all aroung very good motherboard GIGABYTE is a very respected company. The only thing that you might consider is that it is NOT for overclocking. If you like check this out to see the difference between Z87 and H87 chipset:

    So if you do not wish to overclock you can go with it and be just fine. What I suggest is whatever RAM you choose do no go more than 1600Mhz cause you would be working at 1600Mhz again , so it is not worth it.

    Now if you want to overclock then you look for Z87 Chipset. Something like this:

    For me if money is not that big of a deal I choose ASUS > GIGABYTE > ASRock = MSI. Unfortunately I couldn't find Z87 chipset under 100$
  2. I'm getting an i5 4570, the non-K version, so the Z87 wouldn't do any good.
    But money is, indeed, a little problem, the GA-H87-D3H would be my budget option.

    Another question, seeing some pictures of the motherboard, I noticed that the PCI Express x1, in which I got a Wireless adapter installed, is underneath and a little close to the PCI Express x16 slot, would be a problem with a Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 installed?

    Thank you for the help!
  3. I do not think what there will be any proble. Also, even if there is a problem if you look closel,y this motherboard has 2 PCI-e x1 and the other one is below the first one so you move the adaptor there and you are ok :D
    By the way this motherboard has by itself a Gigabit LAN port so you might not need the adaptor at all.
  4. Oh, feel dumb for not think of that :(
    Thanks again!
  5. I also have this combo!! 4570 + h87m-d3h
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