GTX 680 with Windows 8.1 pro / 331.65 Drivers won't downclock at idle

Hi, I recently installed windows 8.1 pro and I'm using 331.65 drivers, I just noticed in GPU-Z that my video card is not downclocking at idle. It stays at it's default base clock of 1006mhz @ 1.00v.
In windows 7, it was at 324 mhz.

Anyone else having this issue? I tried putting power management setting at adaptative but it didn't change anything. I also tried disabling Msi afterburner but still the same issue.

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  1. Nope... no problem with that here:

    I would check the MSI forums to see if anyone else with your specific MSI GTX 680 model is having the same problem. If not, contact MSI support and see if they can assist.
  2. It's actually a Zotac GTX 680. You have windows 8.1 pro 64 bits and 331.65 drivers too?
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    Ahh ok... saw the MSI Afterburner mention and assumed it was an MSI card as well. In that case, replace MSI with Zotac above. And yes, I am running Win 8.1 x64 and the 331.65 driver with an eVGA GTX 680.
  4. I just reinstalled the nvidia drivers and it fixed the problem!


    Edit :

    Actually, the problem has been fixed by setting the power management option in Nvidia control panel to adaptive. I had already tried that before reinstalling my drivers but without rebooting my computer. I seems like this setting needs a reboot to take effect.
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