please help: random reboots (even in POST or in BIOS)

my computer has run into randomly rebooting itself for a month or so,
sometimes it works for an hour or two, sometimes it cant even load into the OS, and worst times it cant even go pass the POST screen
at first i thought i might be a PSU issue, so i got myself a new cooler master 525W (which is more than enough for my system, i am sure)
but then the issue persists with the new PSU
then i memtest my system and i reported no error anyways, (but still i swap my ram sticks with another computer i have anyways)
and the problem still stays
now i am fairly frustrated,
what can be the issue stem from?
is it the display card or the mother board or the CPU?
how can i make sure which causes the problem (see...these three things are the most expensive parts and changing them may as well build a new computer)
i noted the overheat LED on my display sometimes blink or light continously when the computer fails to boot or when it boot loops.
my spec
gigabyte 790xt-ud4p
2x2G DDR3 1333
hd4850 512mb
phenom2 X4 955
WD black 600G x2 in RAID 0
my ram timings are all auto and voltage is normal
my cpu is at stock 3.2, auto clocking is off, voltage is at stock, CPU fan is always max
my display card clocking setting is stock and fan is always maximun ( i dont think i can tweak it other than in the AMDoverdrive thing in windows anyways, so i assume it runs at stock before loading into windows.)
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  1. Try upping the voltage on the RAM . Try 0.25 of a volt [ or so ]
  2. Outlander_04 said:
    Try upping the voltage on the RAM . Try 0.25 of a volt [ or so ]

    tried, but changing the Vram and Vcore dont seem to fix the issue.
    replaced my 4850 with a new 7850 this afternoon, the problem still stays. so i think it's not about the display card either.
    the temperatures (CPU, display, RAM) are barely warm when the machine reboots itself. (most of the cases)
    but sometimes, i find the heatsink linking the 790chip and the MOSFETs next to the 12V power rail pretty hot.
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