Is this PC better than PS4 and good for gaming

I did a lot a researching on PC since I want to build one and wanted to ask you guys if its great for hardcore gaming like BF4, BF3, Black ops , COD Ghosts etc.

SPECS (links to hardware)






I already have a 550W power supply, HDD and DVD Rom. Do you think this can run BF4 Ultra and how long do you think this PC can last? Thanks :P
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  1. switch the FX-8120 for a FX-6300. better gaming performance. this will run ultra at around 30+ fps just dont expect too much over 40
  2. looks great but why not a 8320 but that cpu shpould be great
  3. Keep the 8120. Oc it in the future to about 4 ghz. WhAts your budget?
  4. Go with the 8320, its a newer architecture.

    The GPU you had was single fanned I would suggest you get a dual fan GPU.
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    if he is not overclocking much then no need to get dual fan, especially when the 7950 is a pretty decent gpu. it would just be a waste of money. if he really needs cooling then the arctic accelero III is the beast cooler
  6. far better,
    expect settings in high->max. 50+ fps
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