Graphic card comparision need help

So basically orignally I was going to buy
GTX 760 MSI for 21000 RS.
R9270 saphire is 15560

so for a 14% improvement in gaming, I'm paying
almost 90$.
and R9270 saphire has mantle which I heard will be usefull in future gaming.
So the question is, is the 14% improvement in gaming really worth the 90$
Keep in mind graphic cards in our country is very limited and this is the cheapest I could get.
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  1. the difference shouldn't be 14%. A gtx 760 absolutely beats the r9-270 in gaming
  2. tech powerup's shows that the gtx is 14% better then r9270.So I'd be paying 90$ for a 14% upgrade,I was wondering if is the 90$ really worth the 14% upgrade or not
    here's the link
    and its actually 12% not 14% my bad,even more reason to question the 90$ increase in price.
  4. yes, its worth the extra $90. msi can run some games max where as the r9-270 can run very little max
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    Yes, the 760 beats the 270 in performance.
    Does it justify $90? Well, assuming the MSI 270 performs relatively similar to the Asus 270, the difference is 20FPS, give or take.
    20 FPS can actually make or break the playability of certain games. So yes, I believe it's worth your money.
    Though, depending on availability you might be able to purchase a cheap 7970 for around the same price as a 760 but with much better performance.
  6. can you guys give me benchmark links or something instead of raw input, I want to truly know if the extra 90$ is worth the upgrade.
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