Is it ok to change a two core processor with a four core

I want to upgrade from my Intel i7 3537U which is a two core but I checked to explore my options and make sure my laptop would be compatible with stuff like to sockets and TDF but only one problem ,some of the upgrades I see a 4 or quad cores . Please tell me if this would be a problem our not ?
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    being a mobile processor and listed as a BGA socket, you can't upgrade that CPU.
  2. Also, every i7 cpu is quad core with hyperthreading. If it shows up in task manager performance with less than 8 graphs for cpu usage, you probably have a driver issue holding things back. You have a £200 + cpu in there already.
  3. oops, just looked intel ark. its a twin.
    They love to break there own rules.
    4 threads. laptop; 30 watts;
    getting the gist? is what it is.
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