MSI Z87-G45 Gaming issues

Alright, this is going to be confusing.
I am having issues with this board.
my Specs are
2x GTX 680s
Samsung SSD
Corsair 860i
its with SLI, it just stopped working, I switched cards around from slot 1 to 2 and 2 to 1 and both cards worked. The second card stopped showing up all together, even in device manager/bios. I checked both cards and swapped them. I swapped the SLI cable, updated all drivers including bios. There is no card showing up in the second slot whichever is in there nothing shows up. The weird part is I threw an old card I used for physx (GTX 610) and the second slot started showing up again in device manager and Nvidia control panel.

Any ideas? Seems like the second PCI-E slot is bad.. but I just got the board when Haswell first came out :/
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  1. PCI-E cables are good nothing changed, I changed the cards around put the first one in 5 and the second card in the 7th slow, the card in the 5th works (which is odd) and the second card shows up but no option for SLI

    How could i check bandwidth?
  2. You were right, the 610 and second 680 were running in 4x, removed the 610 now the second 680 does not show up in bios or GPU-Z nor under Hardware monitor.. Wtf??
  3. I upgraded my drivers today, still nothing I removed the power cord and shut off the PSU and swapped around the cards and checked the slots, nothing.
    I changed everything to gen 93 and still nothing, it was not only till I added the GTX610 back that the second card even showed up.
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