How to set up DUAL Monitor

Hi guys,
I'm trying to dual monitor for my desktop PC, but getting the "DVI- No Signal -Power Saving Mode" sign on my LG 20EN33 when I try to make it work.

My main monitor is using the VGA to VGA, simple.
My 2nd monitor I am trying to use either the DVI-D slot or the HDMI slot
Parts I have: 2 DVI-D adaptors, 1 HMDI converter to VGA, 1 VGA cable

so I have tried put: PC -->DVI-D adaptor + VGA(analog) cable + DVI-D adaptor to Monitor <--Monitor but NO IMAGE ON SCREEN

I have tried: PC --> HDMI adaptor + VGA cable <--- Monitor IMAGE is on the screen BUT is all blurry and goes fuzzy

I am using a sapphire radeon hd 6450 ---- Video card
^64Bit - windows 7 Ultimate
I just want my 2nd monitor to read documents clearly.

Please help ~~ I'll reply with more specs if it is needed --- FYI I am not good with computers
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  1. Is it possible to connect both screens to your computer by using 2x DVI or 1x HDMI + 1x DVI? Or does your first screen only support VGA?
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