hyper 212+ cpu heat issue

i was wondering im some has the same or similar set up as me i have a hyper 212 plus on a amd fx 9370 i was wondering what are the temps because i get about 20-25c on idle n about 60-65c on a full load and i was wandering if that was normal with this cpu cooler i know its not the best cpu cooler for the chip but i was just wandering and also does anbody know what the max temp is so i know?
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    well nothing oficial but 60-65 seems pretty fine for a 220 watt cpu on max load.
  2. Sounds about right, although personally I would want to use a better cooler than the 212 evo on that cpu.
  3. probably about normal since amd recommend a water cooled setup for the 9xxx cpu's. should have just got an 8350.
  4. I can't foresee any problems. I only use a Hyper 101 that I moved over from my Phenom II X4 965 and I get the same temps on my FX-8350. No problems to report. You should be fine.
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