Need help with upgrading my cpu!

Okay so I have started to get into video editing and am disappointed with the render speed as well as the 3.2 ghz on my current cpu. I am planning on upgrading from my current I5 3470 to a i7 3770k But I have two big issues stopping me, and those are knowing if my pc will be compatible with it.

Okay so I'm using a thermaltake nic c 5 cooler and obviously I want to transfer this from my old i5 to the new i7 however, will it be just use a q-tip damped in isopropal alcohol to get the thermal paste off and then put a pea on the i7 then rebolt the cooler, or is something more than that required?.

My second concern is my operating system, will it just boot normally and not require any special treatment or have to repair/reinstall windows 8 if I upgrade? or will it be completely normal.

Thanks for your time reading this
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  1. what graphics card are you using? you should be looking at this first for big gains. adding a few mhtz and hyperthreading to a quad core wont yield big results but another billion transistors laid out in lines will.
  2. £200 dropped on the right graphics card will quadruple your render speeds. you dont need another cpu.
  3. I'm using a 7950
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    You have an i5-3470 and a Radeon HD 7950 and you're unhappy with render speeds? Either your expectations are completely unrealistic or you have another problem in your system.
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