Which Graphics Card is better for playing most of the games.

I am really confused with the graphics card available in the market today. I want to play the PC games in a decent way, I don't need the extreme graphics, but the game should be playable. I am having a XFX GTX 295 1gb DDR3 card, but due to the new games like Crysis 3, BF4 or COD Ghost, I am forced to change my hero who had served me for 5 years. This time i need that type of card which can handle a moderate graphics
to let me play these games without lags. I had used Nvidia cards for decades but haven't tried any raedon Cards which is cheaper and of excellent performance.
I would like to know your openion of what should i go for. Is it recommended to use a Raedon card or stick back to the Nvidias.

Please help me to decide.

My System Specs:

Processor : i7-920(2.66Ghz)
Mobo : Intel WX58BP
RAM : Corsair Vengenance (4gbx2)= 8gb (1333 Mhz)
ATX : Cooler Master Elite 365
PSU : Cooler Master 800M
GPU : XFX GTX 295 1gb DDR3 (want to change)
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  1. If you're planning to buy more demanding high-end games , you would have to upgrade your CPU as well. But before I recommend to you anything, is this your PSU ?
  2. Also what resolution do you game at and how much are you willing to spend?

    That CPU is very good, I have one in the PC I am typing this on. It is a great overclocker, and supports triple channel RAM so you can consider getting one more RAM stick to enable triple channel memory. The motherboard is a workstation board?
  3. The i7-920 is not " very good " if you are planning to play BF3
  4. It really depends on the graphics card, the OP only wants moderate graphics and the i7 920 with it's hyper threading would be more than enough for a mid range card playing BF3.

    We can't always recommend someone to go to a i5 3570k or i5 4670k, when the OP's current CPU is good enough for his desired level of gaming.

    He wants to play BF4 anyway according to his post and that will have Mantle support, rendering the CPU less important.
  5. I would take a look at some AMD R9 280x and some NV GTX 770 cards, Their price and performance is close as is the price. The 770 is overall a little better card that is $30 more expensive, the 280x is going for $300, either card would serve your needs in BF4 on a single screen.
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    The R9 280x is actually a rebranded HD 7970. But the HD 7970 comes with 3 free games and is also cheaper. The GTX 770 has similar performance to all , and also comes with 3 free games. " class="img lazy"> " class="img lazy">

    AMD's Never Settle Forever bundle.
  7. Yea, I do agree with

    thank you very much for your answer but please let me know which should i go for. Nvidia or Raedon. also which brand to go with. XFX/Saphire...???
    My board do supports Crossfire X but i am not interested in this technology, Hence i would want to buy at least one card to solve my problem.

    Please recommend.
  8. Just choose the cheapest one. The main difference is the cooling system. Some are quiter while some keep the GPU cooler. But the noise from your games could cover the noise made by the GPU, so you would have to read up more on different manufacturer's cooling systems.

    So to make things simple, just choose the cheapest one. My personal preference is XFX
  9. Thanks every body. i really love the way you helped me. Just today i bought XFX HD 7790 2 GB DDR5 Graphics Card and i am very much satisfied with its performance.

    Thanks to all buddy.
    Love to be a part of this forum..

    Best Regards to all my friends.
  10. Glad you enjoyed the help and advice, I think most here like doing it as much as you like getting it :) Hope your new card plays well for you, Rock on !
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