Catalyst version problem

i downloaded and installed catalyst 13.9 but my laptop is still on catalyst 8.11. My laptop has radeon hd 7670m.
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    Did you download it from AMD? You are supposed to use only drivers from your laptop manufacturer's website since the hardware differs from the retail AMD/Radeon units that are installed as upgrades by home users on a desktop PC.

    Consequently, laptop drivers are custom made and only the laptop manufacturer has them.

    So it's possible that if Windows detects an incompatible driver, it will ignore it and continue to use the (older) correct one.

    Moreover, if your old Catalyst driver didn't have any problems, you shouldn't be updating it anyway. That rule applies to all drivers. Updating drivers is not compulsory or even desirable in most cases.
  2. i visited toshiba website for the driver but there's no driver available for my laptop. I need to update it to play latest games.
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