i5 4570 vs i7 4770 for gaming

Who is better for BF4 and CRYSIS 3?

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  1. You'll be ok with 4570
  2. Who is better?
    my friend tell me so 4770 is better because the HT support.
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    Of course 4770 is better than 4570, but when it comes to gaming 4570 will do the job. Unless you have big budget, then go with 4770k

    BF4 CPU benchmark

    The difference between i7-4960x (1000$) and FX 4100(110$) is 4 FPS, so it's better to invest in GPU. What GPU do you plan to use?

    EDIT : Personally I'd advise you to get i5 4670k
  4. You wouldn't be able to tell the difference. The AMD FX-6300 would even give you the same gaming experience. Unless you really want an i7, for gaming, the i5-4570 will be just fine.
  5. +1 to Avro Arrow.

    You won't see any difference from the i5 to the i7. In simplistic terms, the i7 is just the i5 with hyperthreading which doesn't benefit games much at all, or not at all. You'll be golden with the 4570.

    Are you building a new PC? We could possibly give you a recommendation if you give us a budget.
  6. u wont be able to see the difference, in todays games, smarter to get a 4670k and overclock it, that will outperform a 3770 or 3770k with hyperthreading, ht isnt even supported in most games, they gotta be coded to include ht. and arent in 99% of games of today.

    so yeah u wont see a difference between both if ur using identical gpus and memory and are at stock speeds.
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