ASUS X79 Sabretooth - RAID Drivers not accepted by Win7 install

I am trying to install Windows 7 on an X79 Sabretooth based system. I have used this system for over a year with an SSD for my Windows 7 install and two 500GB drives in RAID 0 for data storage.

I purchased two Seagate 2TB drives to replace my 500GB drives, they show in BIOS, SATA mode is set to RAID, I used Ctrl-I to create a RAID 0 on the new drives, but now when I try to install Windows 7 I am prompted to load a storage driver at the beginning of setup, but no drivers I've tried are accepted as compatible.

I downloaded drivers from the ASUS download page, copied the x64 drivers folder onto a USB FAT32 drive but I have to unitck the "only show compatible drivers" for them to be visible. In any event they are not accepted.

I dont recall having these problems installing on this board before but that was some time ago.

Can someone explain why the drivers arent recognised? I thought Windows 7 had the drivers on the DVD?

I've read so much at this point I'm just getting more confused, any feedback welcome!
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    1st you are better to download the intel RST driver from intel website. Also read the "read me" too. And more info you can read here.

    Because you use the 2x 2TB for the raid0 ( more than 2.2TB), you may need the asus "Disk Unlocker"

    You can do by two steps: 1) Set up the SATA mode to RAID, install the win7 into the SSD first, aslo need F6 method install the ahci driver, install the intel RST, and other drivers, etc. 2) Turn off the PC, connect the 2X 2TB HDD, unlocker the HDD, start the RST, follow the on-screen instructions step by step create the raid0. You may need some time to set up those raid0 for the 2X 2TB.
  2. Hi,
    Will you install Windows on the RAID or on the SSD?
    For >2TB volume you need to convert the volume to GPT.
    For the RAID driver, you can try
    (add an h)
  3. Hi alexoiu &cin19,

    Thanks very much for your replies. I will be installing Win7 onto the 120GB SSD. I didnt get time last night to work on it but will be getting stuck into it tonight. I will report back on how I get on.

    Thanks again! :)
  4. Thanks for the help everyone! Got the problem sorted. Sorry for not replying sooner!
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