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I already have mushkin essentials 1x 4gb 1600mhz and 1x 2gb 1333mhz. What ram should I change? I want to play game without stuck.
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  1. You should get 1 more 4 gig stick of the exact same Mushkin Essentials. 1600 mhz is fine for now.
  2. How about kingston hyper x
  3. honestly go with either corsair, crucial, kingston or G skill RAM. get whatever is cheaper.
  4. How about kingston hyper x genesis 1600mhz 4gb...
  5. you will either want to totally upgrade your ram or get the same ram currently is your system.
  6. I want to upgrade the ram to gaming spec...
  7. then you are gonna nee 8 gigs of Ram from either Corsair or Crucial at 1600 mghz. Whatever is cheaper is better.
  8. . I bought a new ram kingston 4gb 1600mhz 1.65v genesis to replace ram Mushkin 2GB 1333MHz 1.35v but pc says 8gb installed (5.96 gb Usable) I thought maybe it was a different volts so I bought a new ram of the same type of genesis kingston 4gb 1600mhz 1.65v and unfortunately the pc say the same thing of 8gb installed (5.96gb Usable)
    this is my spec;
    AMD A6-6400K 3.9ghz, Gigabyte F2A75M-HD2, Antec VP450, 2x Kingston Hyper X Genesis 1600mhz 1.65v, Sapphire HD6570 GDDR3 2gb.Window 7 Home Premiun 64bit
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