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I have an Asus Z87 Pro, just did a fresh install with Win 8.1 Pro and decided to buy a SSD, a Samsung 840 Pro 256gb, and will be receiving tomorrow.

The HDD is a WD Black 1 TB with two partitions. Is it possible to move both partitions to the SSD or do I need to do a new fresh install and start from scratch? I have everything I want on the SSD on the two partitions, mainly the OS (C:) and Origin BF 3 & 4 (D:).

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  1. You could use a cloning software to clone the HDD to the SSD, but it will be much easier to just reinstall again.
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    The partitions and GUID of the actual drive wouldn't match up, some cloning software can handle this correctly, some can't.

    Try cloning the HDD partition you boot from to the SSD using Clonezilla (free, from Taiwan Super Computing Facility), then unplug the HDD and see if it boots OK.
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