I need a ~$60 Gaming mouse Palm grip for FPS.

I've been using this cheap $3 mouse that came bundled with a keyboard ever since I got my gaming PC, and tbh, I'm getting really sick and tired of it. I love sniping but I avoid it in any game because of my horrible mouse, I miss 80% of my shots and this lead to rage inducing moments.

Here are my requirements:
I palm grip and right-handed so no need for an ambidextrous design.
I play FPS games so it needs to be accurate.
I'm on a tight budget so anywhere around $60-70 is the max.
I don't really need a super high DPI so anything around ~2500 would work fine.

P.S: I live in Egypt so I can't really order anything from Newegg or Amazon etc, so deals won't matter to me :(

-Sorry if this sounds weird, This is the first time I ever post on a forum so go easy on me :) .
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  1. Logitech G500S
  2. lp231 said:
    Logitech G500S

    It sure looks like an amazing mouse, but unfortunately it's not available in my country. I did find a CM storm recon mouse which only costs around $50 so I think I could save me a bit of money here, Do you happen to know if it is any good?
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    Never used the CM, so I can't tell if it's good or not.
    Here is a review on it.
  4. lp231 said:
    Never used the CM, so I can't tell if it's good or not.
    Here is a review on it.

    Thanks for the link. It does look like a great mouse for it's low price, at first I was kinda sceptical about it as CM make amazing packaging but not exactly great products (or atleast as described on the box) I might look further into that.
  5. The Cyborg R.A.T. 5! It's a beast of a mouse. I have it, and pretty much all of my friends who game have it. It's perfect for big hands, or small hands. It's got epic features for FPS games. The quick sensitivity adjustment button below the scroll button is my favorite feature. If you get in a tank in BF4 or something and want to be able to aim faster, just click it up a few times, and when you get out and want it to go back to normal, just click down a few. You can also install add ons, I installed the pinky rest (I got it on there site). The cable is also pretty long and braided, so it's quality.
  6. Gigabyte Ghost M8000x looks like a good mouse for my budget here, anyone has any personal experience with it? I currently have a choise between the Gigabyte Ghost m8000x and the CM storm recon, can anyone recommend me which is better?
  7. I have the M8000X and im having quite a lot of issues with it as I seem to when I buy Gigabyte. General spazzing out and it seems to make decisions for me like having the middle click down permanently at a random point, forcing a restart. It also doesn't seem to have any profiles on it to edit in the Ghost engine which has meant that its only good as a standard moues. Its either a compatibility issue with my corsair k50 and Razer Orbweaver drivers or it may be that the profiles that are meant to be saved onto the mouse are corrupt or just non existent. I was hoping to come here looking for answers but it seems an uncommon issue.

    Its saving grace however is the size of the M8000x; I always use a Palm grip (with a raised index finger as the tip goes off the end of any mouse-similar to a fingertip grip but the entire rest of the hand is palm) and have large hands which is the sole reason I bought it (had an M9 Ice before so am used to the form factor). I just didn't know the software would hate my setup. I say this from an unbiased point of view because personally I hate Gigabyte :P but most, if not all, of the people I game with and discuss tech with seem to have never had issues with them. But for me its always been the drivers so be weary if that's your choice.

    The Razer software is the best I've used if that matters. I know that I've found macros increasingly useful after I started using them (play Killing Floor a lot). I've had Razer, Logitech, Corsair, Mad Catz Cyborg and Gigabyte. That's not including all the less well known brands. But for just a mouse, Logitech seem to be the most solid, hassle-less hardware I've owned; and they seem to last forever. I would however take a risk with the Corsair M65 because I did use it and it felt great; didn't use it for a long session though. Meant to be one of the best mice out atm but depends how much it will set you back over there.
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