CPU Temp Varies on Programs?

First time overclocking and worrying about that variations in temperatures between programs. While running Prime95 @ 100% on all 8 cores here are my readings.

Core Temp - 43C
HWMonitor - 42C
MSI Control Center - 52C

Also I have heard these things being overclocked to 5.0ghz what id like to know is a safe 100% load to stop at if anyone knows.
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  1. the bios settings are the most accurate also hwmonitor is quite good. whats ur exact specs, and full temps on that system.
  2. When I turn on my pc and go to bios screen is stays around 35c, heres my part list build is roughly 2 weeks old
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    looks good, also have u tried stress testing with OCCT

    its quite good for testing stability and load temps :) try that and letme know what max temps ur getting.
  4. Getting the same as HWMonitor and Coretemp reported earlier
  5. well those temps sounds alright sir. i wouldnt worry :) good day.
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