No games allowing choice in resolution or crashing instantly, please help

Hey everyone, I have just upgraded some components in my htpc, gone from an intel Q, to an i5-3570K with 8gb of ram and a low profile Radeon 7750.

I have done clean installs of all software, installed Windows 7 SP1 x64 and the latest directx, .net, and c++, and catalyst. However, no game of mine, will launch, and if it does launch, the resolution options are greyed out/not available and every single game plays at 720 * 480. Games include: Fifa 2014, Hitman:Absolution, Assassins Creed 4, Saints Row 4, Lego marvel super heroes and more. They have all been purchased through steam and the only game that plays with a resolution choice is Hydrophobia, a game I picked up for $1.24. Any help to figure this out is appreciated.
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    You mentioned you got a new graphics card.
    Did you hook up the required 6 or 8 pin connectors to the card?
    Can you current power supply handle it?
    Besides not correctly installing drivers i can't think of anything else.

    My theory is that Hydrophobia runs because the game isn't that graphic and the graphics card can stay in 2d mode which draws a lot less power than 3d mode that most other games would require.
  2. Err scratch what i said about hydrophobia it looks graphic enough to trigger the card to switch to 3d mode but it could still be insufficient power to the card.
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