Which of the following motherboards would you choose?

I'm about to buy new components, but I am struggling with the mobo

I've narrowed them down to > these <, hope you guys can help me
(any other alternatives are welcome, in the 100$-zone)

The rest of the system will be i5-4570, Gigabyte R9 270x, 8GB of 1600Mhz Ram, an SSD and an HDD / not planning to OC
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  1. I would either get the Asus or Asrock boards, they are nearly the same price after you factor in shipping and both should serve you fine for what you're building. I would lean towards the Asus but once again either will do the work.
  2. based on features, I like the fatal1ty board or the Gigabyte board.. they are all around the same, these two board just have more usb3.0 and which will be important when everything switches over completely. out of these motherboards i would mostly base my decision on cosmetics.

    But i will say i have personally had a bad experience with ASRock and will be buying ASUS once i rebuild.
  3. id either take ASUS or ASRock. best customer service with them, almost the same price, most reliable, and i take it youre not the most hardcore user, wanting all the possible stuff tu get squeezed out of the chipset, so really, take whichever of theese 2 you like tho looks more. i would take the ASUS since i find them to have even better return policy than ASRock, but that really depends on many factors, including the reliability of the board, and there is no definitive difference there between these two
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