VID-NXTTN with 780 Ti?

I am building a PC around Thanksgiving, but I just saw that the new 780 Ti came out. I had bought a couple of VID-NXTTN water blocks from Koolance in anticipation of the 780, but I heard that the 780 Ti is not compatible with the block. If I wait for 780 Ti blocks to show up I will not be able to build this PC until much later. Is 780 Ti SLI's performance so much better than 780 SLI that I should wait months for it?

Specs, in case you need them:
CPU: 4930K
Mobo: Rampage IV Black Edition
Case: 900D
RAM: 32 GB Dominator Platinum
All watercooling gear has been delivered.

What are my futureproof capabilities with each graphics setup? Thank you in advance.
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  1. Or you could just leave the aircooling on the 780 Ti, and swap for the blocks after they begin to come out. No reason to not build a rig just for waterblock sake. The 780-ti doesn't absolutely require a watercooler at all. No review I've seen said that.

    I think you'll be fine waiting on the blocks, getting the 780 tis and enjoying them now. I think future proof wise you're about as maxed as can be at this point in time unless you wanted another 32gb of memory to run a massive ramdisk that will hold most of your games.

    I guess if you don't already have one a 256~500gb SSD would be a good investment.
  2. I forgot to mention this is meant to be an overkill build. I also forgot to mention my storage solution:
    SSD: Intel 530 240 GB running in Raid 0
    HDD: WD Red 4 TB running in Raid 1, backing up boot drive weekly
    If I waited on the water blocks, I would have to take it again (this thing weighs...a lot.) and redo the loop, which in all honesty I don't feel like doing. However, if you think the performance increase is worth it I guess I can wait.
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    the 780-Ti smokes the 780 in everything I've seen I assume you plan to run on 4k resolution? Anything less and its retardly overkill to even consider this (then again so is the rest of your rig so maybe that makes it make sense in some alternate reality :)) I'm not sure there is much of a reason to add the blocks to begin with unless you're just opposed to fans cooling stuff?
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