PC fails to detect more than 1 USB device

My pc doesnt detect more than 1 USB device.
If d keybrd is pluggd in,as soon as I plug in my mouse,the keybrd doesnt work & no more devices can be connected.
I tried using keybrd alone & it works.
I tried using USB FLASH DRIVE alone & it works.
But as soon as I plug in another device,it stops.
Also I had an external HD wid power supply and it worked with one device ( keybrd, mouse or pendrive) being already connected to the pc.
My guess is that it must be a power supply problem but need your opinion.
And ther's no problem with the drivers as all the devices work well individually alone.
I tried all the ports,front & back panel,same problem.
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  1. check with another psu and does all the atx power cable are well connect on the motherboard ?
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