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I have a problem to make the 3rd monitor work in windows 8.1 with my amd radeon hd 7950. The same connection worked well in Windows 7, but now in Windows 8.1 I can't make it work. The system recognize every monitor of 3 but i can make them work only 2 at a time. I can switch any of 2 monitors but unable to make them all work at the same time.

2 of the monitors are connected with the HDMI to mini DP adapter (link for the adapter http://www.logilink.eu/showproduct/CV0036A.htm) and 1 monitor is connected directly to HDMI port on the card.

All of the monitors are the same Gericom 27" monitors.

I have the latest catalyst drivers and I am running 1900 x 1200 resolution on all 3 monitors.

I don't know why in windows 7 everything worked as it should and in windows 8.1 I can't get it worked.

I read a lot of topics about an ACTIVE dvi to mini DP adapter that can solve the problem. But I am not sure if it'll resolve the problem, because everything worked well in win7.

I am thinking that it could be a driver issue.

Thank you for every help and advice that you can give me.
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  1. Definitely sounds like a driver problem to me. Are you on the 13.9 release of the Catalyst driver? Or are you running the Beta version 13.11?
  2. I started with the catalyst 13.9 and it didn't worked and yesterday i tried to upgrade to the beta 13.11 and got the same problem...but actually i don't remember the version of catalyst that i had on windows 7. Do you think i should try to downgrade the catalyst drivers to the first windows 8 version (12.8 if I am correct). Does the driver mess up the output signal (voltage)? Maybe my adapters cannot handle it anymore and I should try to buy a better ones?
  3. Hi, I have same problem with my R9 290X. All three monitors works with CCC 13.12 (connected DVI-I + DVI-D + DVItoHDMI cable), and don't work on newer AMD catalyst version... Installing 13.12 has solved problem for me (also i've tried 14.4,14.6b, 14.6rc2). Have you found a solutution of this problem?
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