can i tip my computer upside down?

i need to find out what case i have so i can get to my front case fan but it does not say anywhere i can see what it is, so im hopeing the underside says more. anyone have any clues where its ID is written and is it safe to tip my computer upside down when its off?
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    You should be safe to tip the computer over as long as everything is secured properly. I don't think you will find any information written on the case, at least the cases I have owned don't say anything on it. You may want to post a picture of it here and see if any one recognizes the model.
  2. Yes, it is safe to tip it upside down when it's off, just like it's safe to tip it on its side.
  3. alright thanks im going to take a look and post a picture on here as well.
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