Windows turn on and i hear the windows log in screen, but no display on the monitor...

Ive seen people with similar problem to mine except that i can get the screen working by clear cmos jumper. BUT, i have to do this every time my computer shuts down for more than 10mins, so i open my pc, clear cmos, start it again every time! And its getting to me...

I newly just built this pc, everything i put is perfect coz i can get it work, BUT that crap keeps hapening lol

My pc is atm: Amd 8350, radeon r9 280x saphire vapor x, 8gb geil potenza ram, asus sabretooth 990fx r2 and thermaltake tough power 775w PSU.

I dont exactly know what the problem is, but im getting sick of clearing cmos everytime i boot my pc... (At this very moment, im waiting for my cmos to clear lol).

Btwi did try changing everything with my bro's computer parts, from mobo, ram, different gpus (he uses dual gpu) and even his cpu, and the thing is everything of his parts work perfectly fine lol, and that same problem kept hapening...

So is it an registry problem or bios problem or like a real hardware problem (i doubt coz i can actually get my pc running)?
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  1. update the mb bios with the usb flashback to the newest bios.
    go into the bios and under primany display set it to peg/pci not auto.
    turn off muilt monitor support if it under it so that the mb boots from the video card. also make sure your video card in the video slot closest to the cpu.
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    Sounds like a bad Bios, try downloading an new Bios of the ASUS website and install it on a flash drive and do the Bios update ASUS has made it pretty easy with their USB BIOS Flashback.
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