I am not sure if my computer is fried.

Hello guys. I have recently encountered a scenario where I can't tell if my motherboard was fried during a power surge (The one time I don't use a power strip). I know for a fact that my PSU is dead and over with because the machine no longer responds to the power button.
At first, when I plugged the cords back into the wall, the LED fans light up and spin which tells me the motherboard had some power going to it. After a short while the fans stopped lighting up and didn't respond at all. I know that the Motherboard is supposed to beep an error if anything is harmed but I am still very worried. The machine now will not boot. I am not positive that this had to do with the weather outside either. My PC was shut off during this time. Would the surge travel to the motherboard and fry it if the computer was powered off during the time?
I am using a 600M Corsair PSU by the way.
I am going to soon be testing another power supply to see if the machine even boots.
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  1. Best thing you can do is what you are planning to do. Test with another PSU.

    If you know that the new PSU works and you do not get the 5V LED light up (little green LED on your mobo) then it could be your mobo.
  2. It is a crap shoot whether the PSU absorbed all the surge or the mb was affected also. Once you get the new psu you will have a better idea. Don't discount the power switch itself failing, it is rare but it can happen.
  3. Update: Just switched to Corsair 750 PSU that belonged to my roommate. Fully working and functional. Thanks for the help!
  4. Not a problem. Glad it is working.
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