Is the windows start button (not the start menu) In windows 8.1?

I know windows 8 doesnt have it, but does 8.1?

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  1. 8.1 has something kind of like a Start only has a button in the shape of a window that makes it easier for you to get to the same boxy menu that Windows 8 has instead of having to go all the way to the bottom left corner. It's Microsoft's way of saying "lol".
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    But you can also set it to go to the app list. They also added where you can right click the start button to get to shut down among with a lot of other 8.1 changes. I have to say everything is better in 8.1 than 8.
  3. Yes, the Start button has returned in Windows 8.1. It still goes to the Start Screen from Windows 8 (or as k1114 said, the App list if you so choose), but the button is there.
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