Building new gaming pc, compatiable,and viable?

Hello, i am getting ready to order everything needed to build my gaming computer, im looking for reassurance that these parts are compatible. suggestions would be amazing also :) here are the links to my parts:





dvd/cd drive:

Graphics Card:

any reccomendations on a power supply or a cpu cooler? i will be using windows 8.1 thanks ;)!
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    All the parts are compatible. It all depends on your budget there are certain things you could save money which would free up money for other things (like a better graphics card and CPU). Typically i pick the most important items first and then get a mobo to match.

    In your case graphics card and CPU, ram is cheap and easy to upgrade later. Intel makes a better CPU so you might want to consider switching (i5 3570 for instance great gaming CPU) but AMD has better bang for buck usually.
    And for the Graphics card here is a great benchmarking site:
    As for the PSU (power supply) once you have all your parts selected just run it through a calculator:
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