How to reset my laptop to factory settings?

I bought the laptop from walmart a few months ago, and I was going to sell it so I can upgrade, but I don't want the chance some of my personal files might still be on it, is there a way I can reset it to factory settings? Its a Aspire One with Windows 7 Starter. Also, how much do you think it would be worth? It is a...

CPU - Intel Atom N570 1.66GHz, 1MB L2 Cache
Memory - 1BG DDR3 Memory
With about 250GBs of storage
The graphics card came with it, computer says its a Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150.

I'm not good with computers, but I enjoy them. The first question is the main important one. Thank you for the info!
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  1. try restarting the computer and pressing Alt+F10.this should take you to your recovery options screen. should be an option there to reset to factory settings.
  2. Check Amazon / eBay as an idea for prices. You can probably find someone to give $150, but be ready to accept anythink above $100. These days, one can get new 15" laptop with more memory and better processor for under $250.
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