AMD Catalyst Control Center Issues 13.11

I recently downloaded the CCC 13.11 off AMD's website. The issue is that the CCC only has 2 tabs on the left side, presets and pinned. On Youtube videos and other photos, I have seen people have much more catagories. I am sorry if I sound like a newb, I am a bit new to the PC community and a little extra help would not hurt. Thank you. By the way, I have a AMD HD 7570.
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  1. This is an error I have found extremely common on machines running both an AMD CPU and GPU. In Device Manager, under Display Adapter, does it specify the card name? Was this the case with 13.9? Is this a new build or have you had it for a while, working properly?
  2. Yes, it does. It says Raedon HD 7500 series. And I have just installed CCC for the first time, as this is a relatively new PC, but it works properly in performance.
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    Okay... In my experience, if Windows IS detecting it, you just have to reinstall CCC or use a different version. 13.9 is the latest released non-beta build, and if not that, 13.4 is said to be extremely stable.
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  4. Okay Thank you. I will try that
  5. You're welcome. I'd be glad to help further if it does not work, though.
  6. Thank you so much. It worked.
  7. You're welcome! Remember to select whatever worked as the solution:)
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