Kuhler H20 620 vs Antec Performance Max CPU Cooler (AIR)

I don't trust h2 so much any more. My antec kuhler 620 has a leak on the hose where it connects to the cpu block. leak caused my cpu to hit 100 and leaked on my 500$ gpu.(thank god everything is still working)

Im currently at rma with antec and they offered me replacement h20 620 or any other product. One of the products they said I could have instead of h20 is Antec Performance Max CPU Cooler

I'm just worried that I may get a leak again so I was hoping to find what do you guys think? Try water again OR go with air?
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    Its pretty rare to get a closed loop cooler to leak like that
    That was always the fear that kept the old open systems w/ reservoirs from going main stream.
    If I were you, i'd be willing to say its a 1 off fluke, and go liquid again.
    Thats what I'm planning for my next build too.

    By the way, what temps were getting before the leak?
  2. Is Antec going to replace your damaged parts? Since they're replacing your cooler I would use it again.
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