Can't Partition A New, Internal Hard Drive

My OS is Windows 7...Just bought a 500GB internal hard drive for my Aspire 5532 and used a StarTech docking station to externally connect it to the old, internal Aspire hard drive. Went to disk management to partition the new hard drive, and it's not being acknowledged as unallocated. It's displayed as "Recovery Partition," and it's color coded as allocated. Also, it won't give me any options to partition it, and it's not being acknowledged as a drive under the "Computer" directory. Any ideas as to why I can't partition this new hard drive? My original hard drive does randomly crash. I'm desperately trying to clone the hard drive before I lose it all together.
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    The recovery partition is not your new drive it's the recovery partition for the Acer
  2. Ok, now I found out the docking station wasn't appropriately connecting to my computer, but I still have problems with no "new partition" option being available. It only gives me the options "New Simple Volume," "Properties," and "Help" when I right click. It does state "unallocated" under "465.76 GB". Any reasons why I still don't have access to this option?
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