AVerMedia Live Gamer HD C985 issue

I know this isn't the official AVerMedia forums but they have been down for sometime now and they have terrible customer support.

I am having an issue with a newly bought Live Gamer HD C985.
The set up is as follows:

GPU -> HDMI -> Capture Card -> HDMI -> Monitor

When I use this set up, My monitor will flash and windows will keep playing the disconnected and connected sounds.
I plugged in my second monitor and extended the display so I could open the monitor configuration to find out what is going on.

When looking at the config while the primary monitor is going crazy, It looks like the capture card cannot determine how many monitors are plugged into the output and pulls up 1-2 extra monitors.

Now when I use a HDMI to DVI converter add on instead, The card reads the monitor perfectly fine but screws all the settings. This is impracticable for my purposes.

The other weird thing is that when I plug the HDMI cable into my TV, The card will run fine and pull the display as it should. This is also impracticable for my purposes.

Does anyone know why the card is having such an issue with my monitor using HDMI?

EDIT: After a couple more checks, it seems that the capture card is being disconnected and reconnected when plugged into my monitor via HDMI.
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  1. If anyone has any information on this problem, It would greatly help
  2. you solved it or you need help?
  3. pedronery said:
    you solved it or you need help?

    I returned it for a refund. So technically, I solved it :P
  4. Oh ok :D
    i bought recently and i really like it

    just have 2 problems
    cant use it using crossfire
    and cant play with more than 100hz on monitor :(
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